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Raindrop Therapy
January 5, 2016
Spiritual Journey
January 5, 2016

What are Essential Oil Therapies: 

There are three different therapies offered using Essential Oils each one affecting the different aspects of the human being; body, mind, and spirit. They are: Raindrop Therapy, Emotional Clearing, and Spiritual Journey Therapy. Essential oils are powerful tools to help facilitate healing on a cellular level. They have unique lipid soluble properties and are carbon based elements, which gives them the ability to pass through our skin wall easily and effectively, and makes them readily accepted by our bodies. Once the essential oils enter our bloodstream, they are in every cell of our body within minutes.
Benefits of Emotional Clearing:

Emotions can have a true affect on our physical well being.  Emotions can get stored within our bodies subconsciously from every traumatic event in our life and they can wreak havoc in our bodies.  Each emotion that gets stored within our bodies actually transcribes themselves into our DNA by combining protein and enzymes together.  These elements transcribed into our DNA is what gets triggered to cause trouble in our bodies throughout our life time.  

There are a set of essential oils that have been proven by Young Living to help release these subscriptions from the DNA.  They literally break these emotional combinations up and releases them from our physical body.  Then there is a set of oils that can help restore positive emotions and to bring balance to our emotional well being.  

What can I expect:

In one of these sessions, you will remain fully dressed and lay comfortably on a massage table.  The oils will be applied to wrist, forehead, behind the ears, and sometimes on the feet if necessary.  Some guided meditation or visualization may be offered to assist in the healing process.

50 minute sessions are $90

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