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January 5, 2016



A Natural Health Consultation is a full evaluation of your health concerns, and the education to help you address those concerns with natural health solutions.  The evaluation includes a Zyto Bio-communication scan of the body to pinpoint stress points of the body, and to identify key solutions to balance those stress points, as well as any further muscle response and vitality testing needed to fully address the concerns.  


Gain knowledge about alternative choices to address health concerns through non-invasive testing and evaluations.

Who is this for:  

All ages, people and pets.

What should I expect:  

Start of by filling out necessary paperwork, sitting at a desk while a Zyto Bio-communication scan is done.  This is done by using a palm unit that sends electrical signals to the nerve endings in the palm and in return it reads the responses to those impulses, in which it generates a full report of the stressed areas and the balancing solutions.  A full discussion of the report is done, and then any further testing to answer any questions  is then done.  Further evaluation could include vitality or muscle response testing is done by checking the strength or weakness within the body using an arm as leverage  during testing.  

Initial Sessions are 120 minutes and $160

Follow-up sessions are 60 minutes and $85

Schedule an appointment today by calling 616-443-4225 or by visiting The Remedy House

Remedy House
Remedy House
A family-run holistic health service and retail store right at the edge of Versluis lake. On the way to Rockford from Grand Rapids.

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