Rainbow Journey (for Kids)

Spiritual Journey
January 5, 2016
Sound and Light Therapy
June 20, 2016

Rainbow Journey

A Wellness Adventure for Kids

Therapy Description:

Two Naturopathic Practitioners will use multiple therapies to help each child find their own unique pathway to wellness. Therapy methods include: food therapy, sound & light therapy, movement and meditations, stones, and essential oils. Each week we will focus on a color of the rainbow and learn how that color affects the body (physically, emotionally, and spiritually). The last week will weave all the colors together. We will explore each color through all of our senses; touch, feel, sight, sound, and taste. Activities include: Healthy Snacks, Yoga, Meditations, Creative activities, Personal Healing wand, Mandalas, and Walking Labyrinths.


Children will develop an understanding of their own health and ways to wellness that are unique to them.

Who is this for:  

Ages 6 – 14. This age range is flexible.

What should I expect:  

As a parent or guardian, you should expect to be deliver the child to their Rainbow Journey session once a week for eight weeks. You should also expect to encourage and/or assist the child in their homework or exercises throughout the weeks. First pilot class launching soon. Normal class cost is $800. Currently there is a pilot special reducing the class cost to $400. Class size is limited so reserve your child’s spot today.

Sign up or inquire about the class today by calling 616-443-4225 or by visiting The Remedy House

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