Jodi started her journey as a holistic healer 18 years ago when she began to see her homeopathic doctor. Jodi took her Reiki training from two Reiki Masters in Battle Creek, Michigan.

Jodi has also been trained in Essential Oil therapies from my homeopathic doctor over 18 years ago. Essential oils are powerful tools to enhance the energy work being done with Reiki, they compliment each other. She is currently expanding her education and attending the Naturopathic Institute for Therapies and Education (NITE), and Energy Touch School of Advanced Healing.
"My first Reiki class was one of the most important changes in my life that am very grateful for. Being attuned to Reiki has opened me up on many different levels and has allowed me to experience much more than I ever dreamed possible."

"My passion for helping others shines through all of the services that I provide. I can not guarantee complete cures, but I can and will do everything I can to assist the body to heal itself with what I have to offer or guide you in the right direction if I do not have what is needed. Give what I have to offer a try and I know you will see and experience the benefits. "
I know everyone’s body is made up differently on all levels, physically, chemically, and energetically. This means that each body has its own unique path to wellness. I believe that there is no absolute holistic method to heal everyone. I do believe that each service that I offer are amazing tools towards achieving overall holistic health and they are worth trying! Please contact me today and set up your appointment. I would love a chance to work with you. "


We are currently fully staffed but will always accept resumes for future position openings. The Remedy House is committed to being an educational and practical resource for holistic health and we frequently have guest lecturers. If you are interested in speaking and/or teaching a class at The Remedy House please email Jodi Jenks at or call the store at 616-443-4225.

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